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May. 13th, 2016

Halloo! After quite a long (in internet time) break, I'm back to posting again! I threatened recently to post some really old stuff here, but then I found there were still a few Skabadoo pictures I had not yet posted, so I will get through those first even though I will probably never play this family again... This could be an interesting memory test for me, as it was back in November or so that I played this family...but here we go!


Let's start with a sleepy Sequoia, the firstborn. Why so sleepy? Well, Sequoia has this bad habit of staying up all night in the garden.


It pays off with a nice shiny badge, though!


Meanwhile, Rowan, his lazier brother, has better ideas on how to spend his free time before school.


Sequoia usually gets left behind by the bus, sleeping in as he does. Lucky for him, grades don't suffer unless he misses the whole day, and I shamelessly take advantage of that rather glaring loophole. :D


Meanwhile, Julian, our recently elderfied patriarch, sits around doing elderfied activities all day. He's a celebrity chef, so he only works three days a week, and has plenty of free time. Much of that time is spent in the garden.......


.....so I suppose it's no surprise that he turns green after a while.

Incidentally, when this happened, I realized how much I love Leh's skins. In this 'hood, I'd been trying one of Lilith's skin sets again because it is lovely, and comes in so many shades and freckles too, and I love the variety...but I find Leh's are so much more Maxis-y and...simpler? I don't know how else to describe them, but yeah, I really like 'em. (The eye defaults use Leh skins for supernaturals, hence how it sneaked in.)

Just to be clear, Lilith's skins are gorgeous, and I really like them too, and definitely admire them in other people's games, but for me I think it's the way of the Leh. :)


Anyway, Julian is a plantsim now, but there's no time to sit around being shocked by that when there are strawberries to be harvested!


And when Rose cuts in to admire her hubby's new look, Sequoia is there to pick up his dad's slack. :)


It's no secret that I like supernaturals, but I wasn't really feeling it this time, Leh skin or no Leh skin, so Julian made a quick phone call...


...to suprise an old date.


(Not sure why he changed out of his outerwear to go outside, but meh. He's old. :D


"Now don't worry, Julian. This will be completely painless."


Yeah, I'd view it with suspicion too...especially after that not-very-reassuring face!


Ah well, bottoms up, eh Jules?




All better!

"My legs are chilly..."


Meanwhile, the rest of the family is engaged in a gaming marathon, and completely ignore the unnatural sounds and glows coming from outside.


And now that Tammy* the garden lady is finished her work for the day--why not join in?

*99% sure her name is Tammy. If not, she kind of looks like an Elizabeth...


Anyway, Julian rolls a want to get fit, does so, and goes outside to continue where he left off before being hit with a case of Plantsim-itus.


Tempting fate a bit there, Jules.


Oh no! My fishies!! :(


An enthusiastic Julian to the rescue. :D




A quick little restock and sleepy Sequoia the fish-lover will never even have to know! Good job, dad!


"Good morning my old fishy friends!" :D

Aw, it's so cute when they're naïve!


Rose has a job. I just don't remember what it is...


But whatever it is she gets back at 15.00!


Aw yeah, someone brought home Mairead the ice queen. This is the kid who apparently knows how to make baked Alaska and cold-shoulders the Skabadoo boys any time they try to make friends. She entertains me. :D


Apparently she's also a big music fan. Right on, Mairead.


"Now there's only one rule to this game: Let me win."
"Ow! Mai-read!"
"Great! You're doing just fine."
(Not that there was ever anything to worry about. Sequoia is the kid who has never won a game in his life.)


While the children play, Rose greets the newest family member! Darned if I can remember the puppy's name, though...


"All right, puppy, it's time for your education. Now read!"




Aw, they're finally getting along without any child beatings. :')


Well.... It's good to know they're such good friends now?


Finally there's some time for the kids to get acquainted with the puppy...


...and puppy to get acquainted with her food bowl!


It's harvest time at the "indoor garden" too!


Pyjama party! :D


Oh, morning time already. Hey, Rowan. Sorry for having so few pictures of you so far, kid. :(


Elfy dude invites himself over and he and Rose instantly become BFFs while gossiping about Rose's Worst Enemy™, Cowboy Bob. I just realized there are a metric tonne of blondes in this town!


While she's in a friend-making mood, why not greet this guy too? And if he and Rose don't get along, Sequoia will be aging to teen soon, so might as well have some teenage friends ready for him.


Speaking of friends, Sequoia brings a BFF of his own home--Kalvei...who is more interested in the skunk than his buddy.


Oh gosh, this is such a cute face!! (No wonder there are hardly any pictures of his brother.......)


Hm, Sequoia and teen townie here don't exactly seem to be hitting it off. Awkward conversation about the weather? Check.


Ack! Julian, get back to bed! No dying of sickness on my watch, mmkay?


Snow day!


Rose plays with the puppy while dutiful Sequoia cleans up her mess. Li'l puppy seems to have claimed his rug as her personal potty. :P

Also, I'm going to be calling this puppy Cheesecake from now on, because she needs a name and Cheesecake was the first word that popped into my head. Congrats on your rechristening, Cheesecake.


Nothing like lazing about on the computer all day to make you feel better!


Hordes of guests, including one would-be chicken thief? Must be another of the famous Skabadoo parties!


"Aw, Mairead, can't you just once let me win on my birthday?!"


Yep, it's Sequoia's birthday! And you know what that means......


.....nose picking.....


.....photobombing teens.....


.....and walls-down cutscenes. Yeah! :D


I also grew up Kalvei, Sequoia's best friend, much to the disgust of everyone. :P


Ooh, that's a dangerous move there, Rowan!


"Yay, she didn't kill me!"
"Ha ha ha...I know where you sleep, buster."


Anyway, Kalvei grows into everyone's favourite life preserver Marty McFly vest and some slick moves too.


Sequoia, on the other hand, is someone I'm able to makeover. He gets a slightly more farmboy-ish look to suit his nature-loving heart, now with 90% less hair gel! Mainly because I was tired of him having the same hairdo as Kalvei. They may be besties, but they don't have to be doppelgängers.


"Welcome to the wonderful world of caffine, son!"


Sequoia needs that extra buzz so he can enjoy the snow with his brother, aww.


"Hey, it looks just like Dad!"


Speaking of Dad...he had to work for his eldest's big day, but he's happy to help eat all the leftovers when he gets home!


"Dad, how many pieces of that cake are you going to devour?"
"Son, you wouldn't believe how hungry being a chef makes you."


Well, if he's going to wash the plates anyway...might as well wash himself too, right? Riiiight??


Yeah, Sequoia and his brother have exactly 0 neat points between them, but Sequoia is always cleaning up after people and acting as though he has way more, so I decided it's high time to use up those genie wishes and give him what he wants. It is his birthday, after all.


Yes, yes, no need to look so smug, Mr Smarty Pants neat freak.


Going from 0 to 10 neat points is exhausting enough to wear off the last of that caffine buzz, so Sequoia heads off to bed! And bed is a place I should be heading as well pretty soon, so let's end this here. Good night! :)



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Jun. 30th, 2016 10:53 am (UTC)
Hahaha, teaching the puppy how to read, UR DOING IT WRRONG.
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