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Whee, Skabadoo time! It's been a while, but nothing exciting happened last time so I'm not going to bother with a recap. (Well, Julian did almost burn himself to death, but in my game that's a pretty normal occurance and can hardly be called exciting anymore...)

Anyway, I will do a recap of the dramatis personae, because it's really easy to forget other people's Sims, I know. This one is Julian. If this were a legacy, I'd call him my founder, but it's not actually a legacy so he's just Julian, I guess.


He's a celebrity chef, or at least very close to becoming one at this point. I can't remember exactly. But his cooking points are maxed, so he does all the cooking at home. I quite enjoy the variety of menu he brings. Spaghetti and hamburgers can get dull pretty quickly.


Julian's wife, Rose, is a former cow mascot. So maxed outgoing and active and zero in everything else. Quite entertaining, as I'm sure you can guess. Rose started out as not very interested in her kids, but now that they're old enough to feed themselves and visit the toilet on their own, she gets along great with them. This one is Rowan, the youngest, who just grew up last update I suppose. (It's been a while for me too...)


Aw, family dinners. I love family dinners. :)


Here you can see the last Skabadoo family member: Sequoia, in the plaid, with the terrible table manners.


...Bad manners are a bit of a family trait.


Having a celebrity chef (or thereabouts) is much nicer than eating canned soup all the time, but it does have repercussions on the waistline.


"No problem, Mum! You can just ask the genie to help you lose weight fast!"

Yeah, the genie lamp from when Julian first moved into his apartment is still around. I just don't know what to make anyone wish for, as they don't really need anything. So it just stays in the garage, gathering dust...


Aw, here's a good picture of Sequoia. He's super adorable and I love him, but Rowan's been really cute lately too, so no picking favourites...yet. ;)


Sequoia finally realizes that getting a D in school sucks, and convinces his dad to help him out with that mountain of homework that has been accumulating all his childhood.


Rowan is the nerd of the family and keeps rolling wants to do homework, even though I'm not sure he's even been to school yet. Nice of him to help out his big bro though. :D


Gee, I'm so glad it's Saturday and I get to see this pop-up ALL WEEKEND. >:(


Of course Sequoia deals with his pile of homework in the best way...procrastination! :D


Sequoia might enjoy playing games, but he can never win at them. So far he's lost to his mother, his friend Kalvei, and now his little brother.


Against all odds, the fishies are still around. This is probably a new record for me.


As is the maid. Probably helps that the house is fully furnished now so I've stopped spending every paycheque Julian brings home on decorating another room, so they can afford to pay her now. I mean, it's not like they're poor, it's just that I'm bad at saving when there are expensive toilets to be purchased!


Saturday = no school = friend-making time! Sequoia attempts to get his relationship up with Mairead, the local ice queen, but conversations about robots are apparently not the way to go.


Splashzilla continues to make the maid's life miserable...his mother would be so proud.


I love this shot because Sequoia looks so disappointed in his brother, and Rowan actually looks kinds of guilty. Both boys have zero neat points, but Sequoia takes after his father in acting as though he has a few. So all this mess-making gets to him.

After chatting for hours with Mairead, Sequoia ventures to invite her over.


His expression says it all, really. Like I said, Ice Queen.


Ah well, too bad for Mairead. Kalvei walks by and Rowan hurries to greet him...eager to steal his brother's friends!


Kalvei had no interest in playing whatever Rowan suggested. He preferred to hit him and run away.


They ran all over the road for ages, but finally remembered there's a perfectly lovely back yard for them to play in.


The back yard is a pretty popular hangout spot, actually.


Mostly because I like taking advantage of child labour. :P


"Mmm, invisible lemons. Delicious!"


Sequoia is the one most often out in the garden. His hobby is nature, so I usually let him tend the garden.


Rowan, meanwhile, prefers to play inside. :)

At this point, Skabadooville (yes, that really is the name of the neighbourhood) only had two community lots: one for shopping, and the club. Well the club wasn't very kid-friendly, and shops aren't fun, so I quickly built something ridiculous for them. It's even sillier than I'd remembered. :P


So Rose took her boys out for the day, and of course donned her favourite costume for the occasion. :D


Aw, poor Rowan. :(


Yep, it's an arcade. A very red arcade, my goodness. I think I built this place in under a half an hour. It shows. :P


The boys try to make new friends while Rose feeds her Sims 3 addiction.


She wanted to win a gaming competition, but no one would join, so I had to send Sequoia over to join her.


Of course with Sequoia boy loser in the running, it was an easy victory for Rose. Even with a handicap of cow hooves. How one wins at the Sims, I'd really like to know...


*ping ping* *clatter clatter* *ping*


"Yeah! That's how it's done! Woo!"

Five minutes later...


"High score. No big deal."
*boooooooooommmm* (or whatever noise erupting pinball volcanoes make...)


Huh. I should probably do something to fix that door/vending machine placement...


Sequoia and his cookies (or chips?) seem no worse for wear though. :)


"Dum de dum, time try out this game."


"So far so good..."


"Oh boy, here comes the villian!"


*screams of terror*


I never paid much attention to this game before, but it's pretty cool. It's like Pacman except you play as a pirate kid...


...who dreams of bathtubs...


...and is trapped in a maze.


When he grabs a power-up (I can't tell if there's actually an item for that on the blurry screens), he grows into an adult pirate and can slap the colourful mohawk bad guys. And that's as much as I could see because Sequoia (predictably) kept losing.


Rowan tried out Pimp Viking, which sounds like it's rated M, but it was much less interesting. Something about running across a desert with spikes in the background and a lot of kissing. The catalogue description says something like "pimp" being an old viking word for "fisherman" or something like that, but it still doesn't seem really appropriate for your age range, Ro...


Time to head home, methinks! :D


Apparently spending the day at the arcade makes you stinky!


Julian tries to figure out the appeal of all these video games the rest of his family seems obsessed with.


"I'll stick with my Rubik's ball, thanks."


For fear he takes always losing to heart, Sequoia's parents are sure to encourage him on the little things.


Horde of guests approaching? Yep, it's another party! :D


Rowan gets acquainted with his dad's old college buddy. He's heard of the Orange Bruiser before, and looks up to him in understandable awe.


How much does a goldfish weigh? Enough to break the ice! But of course Bruiser loves goldfish...they're orange, aren't they? ;)


Julian breaks it down with an old flame as his boys look on disapprovingly...




Rowan doesn't want anyone to miss the fun of a party (and making a new friend is a nice bonus), so he runs to greet this rich-looking kid.


Cake parties have been a little cramped in the kitchen area, so I tried using the entryway this time. Still crowded, but it's a little better.


Poor Rowan didn't seem to realize what was going on, while this unfortunate woman dislocated her shoulder.


Aw, he stayed in plaid! :D


Party fun! Huh, looks like I was wrong about that lamp gathering dust in the garage. It's gathering dust in the open. Maybe someone will do me a favour and steal it instead of the gnome for once...


A little bit of hero worship from Rowan here. :)


And the party ends with a heart barf parade. Heh.


The guests (and Rose) ate all the cake, so Julian whips up a turkey for his hungry family. He also got a nice little old man makeover. I like him in green. :)


Rose is stuffed with cake, so she gets to watch TV while the others eat.


Whoops, shouldn't have gone for that double helping of mashed potatoes I guess!


"Hey Rowan, I'll help you get rid of those extra pounds..."




"Ha ha, good one bro."


I'm glad Rowan knows how to take a joke. :)


He may have grey hair and a paunch, but Julian is still his wife's favourite. And that's a sweet enough note to end on, I think! See ya next time! :D



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Jan. 9th, 2016 11:49 pm (UTC)
Awwww, I missed a few of these, but now I'm all caught up! Unfortunately, I'm also sitting in my bathtub reading on my tablet, so commenting is not really fun. (I can't internet without a real keyboard and no stupid autocorrect.) BUT I'll say that 1) I (still) love your sense of humor and 2) the kids are adorable and 3) You Canadians and your plaid! *ducks hurled bricks* ;)

Also...Cheesecake for breakfast! Kid after my own heart... :)

Also also, I bet the kids will be adorable teens. :)
Jan. 12th, 2016 04:28 am (UTC)
Oh wow, tablet comments--I admire (and appreciate!) your dedication! :D I'm quite enjoying metaphorically pinching those boys' squishy little cheeks. You're partly to blame for getting me back into the Maxis faces that I'd forgotten I'd missed. :) And hey, don't knock the plaid! Don't you see a lot of it in the mountains where you live? Plaid thrives in alpine conditions, donchaknow. ;)
Jan. 10th, 2016 06:17 pm (UTC)
Lovely and funny update as usual :D Before then, Sequoia was my favorite, but I don't know now! Both the kids are so funny and cute :D
And I've never paid attention to these arcade games, but I will! XD
Jan. 12th, 2016 04:41 am (UTC)
Hey, nobody said you had to have only one favourite... ;)
I never paid much attention to the arcade games either because they *gasp* cost money! But now I find it's too easy to get money so I let my Sims have a little fun...and it's fun for me too! :D
Feb. 1st, 2016 01:59 pm (UTC)
And Julian is old already! I saw him like a big kid all the time, so it's a little weird.
But he can now be an old big kid, things don't have to change, it's the sims ^^
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