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Dec. 7th, 2015

So I loaded up my game today and realized I have played way far ahead...and I probably should cut back a bit on playing until I get more stuff posted. So here's yet another Skabadoo update for y'all! (Feel free to hit me for spamming too much...)

Last time, Julian and Rose got married, had a baby named Sequoia, moved out of the apartment and into a proper house. Sequoia grew up and I took way too many pictures of that adorable toddler, but I still have even more, so here we go!



"All right, buddy. Ready to try out the potty again?"


"Yes! At last! No more potty training!"


Sequoia just doesn't understand his father's obsession with this potty thing. But fine, he'll humour him. Maybe it'll mean less bathtime!


"Shoo flee?"


Once again, Rose looks super unimpressed by motherhood.


Cassius, the self-inviting townie, also has mixed feelings about the birth.


It's another boy, by the way. Blonde too, surprise surprise. Rather than dig up the name randomizer again, I went with the tree theme and called him Rowan.


Sequoia isn't quite sure what to make of this new addition to the family.


"Hello, this is the local housekeeping service? Yes, I'd like to request a maid to come in regularly."


"You see, the place is a mess, my wife and I both work full time with two little kids in the house, and I'm starting to worry about the effect it might have on our health...especially when my wife seems to lack discernment in that area."


"You can come over right away? Fantasic!"


Rose is initially not impressed with the idea of hiring a maid--what do they need her for? The house is fine!


But, the two of them actually get along, and considering how rare that is for anyone with Rose, this housekeeper (name completely forgotten) is a keeper!


Rose doesn't interact with her kids much, and a quick hello to the maid wasn't enough to bump up her social meter before (dun dun dun) the Social Bunny arrived! Of course it was met in true cow mascot fashion. :D


Luckily Sequoia was right there asking for attention, and a few tickles were all it took for Grungy McBunster to boing off.


In hindsight, furnishing the ensuite with the most expensive toilet and shower while the maid was still working may not have been the most brilliant idea...


Oi, such rage! What happened to the sweet, friendly maid who actually got on with Rose?


Oh, there she is. :)


Or not... D:


"Whatevs. Not like we needed her anyway. Phaugh, what's that smell?"


At least someone in this house is a competent parent...


As a Romance Sim, Rose has a constant fear of changing diapers (the horror!) and because I'm a sucker, I let her get away with it. At least she's affectionate to her hubby dear.


"Hello, it's me again. Really sorry about that payment understanding yesterday, but I assure you, I have the cash to pay you today. Please say yes--I'm drowning in bottles over here!"


"Really big tip? Oh sure, I can handle that, no problem. See you at 10!"


"Hmph, need a maid do we? I'll show him. In fact, I'll clean the whole house up!"


"Right after a quick coffee break, that is..."


Julian and his school friends still keep in touch.


*facepalm* I knew I should have waited on decorating the entryway! But it was just so bare!


See? Much nicer now. :)


Maid is so not impressed. Okay okay, you'll get a massive tip tomorrow, all right? Considering how much money Julian brings home every day, this really shouldn't be such a problem. But hey, you've inspired me to add some decor to the kitchen...and reminded me that I forgot to add a fire alarm.


Much better!


Anyway, Sequoia finally masters the art of walking, and Rose helps out with another birthday.


Hooray! :D


Then she promptly ditches her kid in favour of the much more exciting bathtub.


Rowan gets a little makeover, keeping within the family theme of copious amounts of hair gel.


Whoops, better get some new PJs in here so I can tell these two apart!


There we go!


"Bruvver!" :D


"Ack, too close!" D:


"Hey! This is the maid service?"


"I decided I'm sick of cleaning. It sucks. Now get over here and clean my house before I write up a nasty review about your service online. Oh yes I would..."


And so, poor Miss Sucker the Maid is convinced to return once more. And for once, she actually leaves with cash instead of mushrooms or a dishwasher as payment! Hurrah!


Whee, Rose is starting to get along more with her kids!


"Mama. Say it with me now. Ma-ma. Really simple, kid."


"Ugh, you're more stubborn than your mama."


"Fine, as your father's son you like food, right? Try bottle. Bot-tle. Don't leave me hanging here."


"Ah! Julian did you catch that? He said his first word!"


"Wait a minute. Highchair? Seriously? You can't handle Mama, but highchair is okay?"
"Hee hee hee!"
The playful points are strong in this one...


Speaking of personality, Rowan has one too! Boy, does he ever. His matches his parents' much better than his big brother does, but oh boy, do I need to keep that maid happy in this family of slobs!


See what I mean?


Don't look so sad, boys. In just a couple hours it's party time! :D


"'Scuse me, folks. Gotta check to see if Secret Sue's posted any new recipes!"
Yes, because that totally takes precedent over your son's birthday... >.>


In what was the shortest fight in Sim history (seriously, it broke out when Julian was picking up the paper, and you can see how far he got by the time it ended), Cowboy Bob declared war. That boy has sealed his fate.


The first party game is the old standard, Steal the Gnome.


With remarkable speed and stealth, Marika takes home first prize!


Better luck next time, Cassius!


"Maybe it's none of my business, but isn't the party inside?"


While Rose slanders Cowboy Bob's (not so) good name, her son is willing to make friends with anyone. Bob looks in shock from someone being nice to him for once!


As expected, Sequoia grows up absolutely adorable. :)


The first thing he does after scarfiing down that cake is go give his little brother a kiss, the big sweetie.


"You smell weird, Rowan..."


It may look like Sequoia's really getting in to hospital dramas here, but really he's building up a charge...


...to shock his father's former professor! Sequoia! What happened to that whack of nice points you had?!


Fortunately (?) the party ended before he could zap her, but wow.


So much for the sweet and innocent routine.


"Leaving so soon? Mwa ha ha..."


And just like that he's back to normal. Rose looks like she's trying to figure out what just happened here. Me too, Rose. Me too.


Meanwhile, Julian tries out his new-fangled cuisine gizmo. Om nom nom.


Wait...what? I didn't notice him go, but don't you need like max 3 nice points for that??


"The poor gnome was so lonely away from home. I just had to go rescue him!"
Oh, I guess that makes sense.


I'm still keeping an eye on you kid...


...mostly because you're so dang cute. :D


Aw, they're in matching PJs again! Sequoia looks kind of exasperated...but that also could be because Rowan just woke him up. Be wary of rugs in the future, Rowan!


Sequoia grew into a decent outfit, and the plaid's cute (especially considering his dad's outfit) so it'll stay. :)


"First day of school and I didn't get an A?!" :(


Sequoia's hobby is nature, hence the posters. I just realized that bird looks kind of hungry...and very excited to be placed next to a bug smorgasbord! :P


Sequoia wanted to make a new friend, so this townie walkby seemed the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately Mairead was not interested in making new friends, thank you very much, and went on her way.


Facing rejection on his first day of childhood, Sequoia turns to his mother for sympathy. He could have chosen more wisely.


Soon enough, Sequoia grows tired of getting pummelled by a baseball and goes inside for dins.


"Son, have I told you lately how much I love food?"


"Actually, you just mentioned it at lunch, Da--"


"Because food! Isn't it just the most delicious thing you can think of?!"


After a long lecture on DELICIOUS FOOD! Sequoia manages to escape to his favourite playground. :)


Lest you think I'd forgotten all about little Rowan after all those Sequoia pictures. ;)


Julian wanted to light a fire. Considering how well fires and I get along, I should have known better than to indulge it.


"Ohmygosh! Julian! Fire!"


"Shh, Rose, I can't hear the TV."


"Oh Mum. So hysterical over the smallest things..."


"Hey, down in front, please!"


"Wait a minute..."


"Ack! Fire! Somebody do something!"


"What's that, dear? Something wrong? Sorry, can't hear you above the TV."

Don't worry; Julian survived. The single square that was on fire by the time he noticed was immediately extinguished by the super firewoman extraordinaire. But I got a great laugh out of his family's (lack of) reaction. :P

So on that exciting note, I'll leave you with the fire safely burning out within its place, while these two nerds hang out:


Later days!



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Dec. 8th, 2015 11:28 am (UTC)
I see no reason for you to slow down unless you want to. I like reading about your Skabadoo family's adventures and I'll read updates whenever you want to provide them. :) Rowan is just as cute as his brother, and I loved seeing the trouble the family had with their maid this time. (She's really cute, by the way; I love her glasses!) You're clearly having fun, so I say keep going! :)
Dec. 9th, 2015 07:50 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the feedback. :) I'll probably slow down once the season busyness catches up to me, but until then I'll stick to my sporadic schedule of pumping them out when I have free time. I am having fun with it, so it's nice to know I'm not the only one enjoying this crazy family. :)
Dec. 8th, 2015 05:41 pm (UTC)
I love reading your updates (even if I'm actually late doing it) :D
Rowan is cute too! But Sequoia is my favorite so far :)
Poor maid woman! She was so hungry, she had to take away the mushrooms! I hope they weren't poisonous XD
Good to see that Rose is interacting with her kids! She had to have some encouragement from the social bunny, but whatever XD
I'm looking forward to see more posts :)
Dec. 9th, 2015 07:59 pm (UTC)
Thanks DeeDee! I know you're busy right now, so I appreciate you reading them at all—whenever you have time to do so! :)

Oh no, now I feel badly for that poor, starving maid! Those were pretty big mushrooms, though, so I'm sure they gave her a good meal. :P And I never thought of the social bunny pushing Rose to notice the kids more, but that's a good point! I guess compared to it, little kids aren’t such bad company after all! :D
Feb. 1st, 2016 01:16 pm (UTC)
That caption about the bird and its neighbours on the nature posters XD

(I don't really have an opinion about how many pics to post, the only limit could be technical, like too heavy, but that's probably not a thing anymore, I didn't notice any slow loading or missing caps.
I don't pay attention myself, sometimes I post 20 pics, sometimes over a hundred.
Obviously, cute cut-scenes, pets and toddlers will generate picspam, that is UNAVOIDABLE ^^)
( 5 comments — Leave a comment )