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More Skabadoo?? Why not; it's the weekend! (Seems as good an excuse as any...)

Last time, Julian moved into a little apartment, dated some more, and then finally chose (or was forced...whatever) to settle down with Rose Williams, former cow mascot.


Rose moved in and got a little makeover, as cow-related as I could make it. :)


Her first act was to ensure the enmity of Cowboy Bob. Nice job, Rose... >:(


Yep, that's the personality of someone who's going to be a handful. But a fun handful. :D


Now I like the Orange Bruiser, if you hadn't guessed already, and he was one of the Sims Rose had the highest relationship with (meaning it was only about -10 instead of -50 and under), so I got her to try patching things up between them. She was not thrilled with the idea...


...but did as she was told.


And soon enough the two were chatting and joking away like old friends. Success!


But she didn't mind reminding him that she could totally beat him in a fight. :P


Rose is into games, so of course she's the one who gleefully tortures her pixel people.

"Ha! Yes, hideous green pants so everyone will make fun of you!"


"Oh yeah, gonna need that swimsuit for when I remove the pool ladder on you!"


Rose may not have any friends, but Julian has more than enough to make up for it. Let the wedding party begin!


And what party would be complete without at least one fight breaking out? In the narrow hallway no less, so no one can get through. Yikes, Allbee, you're worse than Rose with all this violence.


Finally, with a lot of help from "moveobjects on," the guests could all gather in the back for the wedding...


...with only minor discomfort at the close quarters.


Of course the best man was the only one who didn't make it outside. *eyeroll*


More cutscene spam...sorry. :)


"So romantic!"
"Bravo! Encore!"
"Ah, young love."


Julian: *puzzles over Rubik's sphere*
Rose: *itches to punch someone*


Nothing like gossiping about the guy who's standing right there.


And off Zion goes to drown his sorrows in wedding cake.


As with all of Julian's parties, this one acts like it's still in university. Complete with university philosophizing over deep issues like politics!


But soon enough the party is over, and the guests leave the newlyweds to important things like butt-grabbing...


A few hours after the wedding, Rose gets up to go to work. Sorry Rose, but you raised the rent, and now you've got to go earn the money to pay for it.


The party never stops at this place.


Julian went over to visit Vera again and borrow her easel, and for some reason when he came back, the skill bar got stuck. Twas entertaining for a while with all the "skills" he was practising, but I eventually deleted it, and that fixed the problem.


Wow, miracle of miracles, these two enemies are actually dancing together!


"From this angle I can pretend to squish your head like the little bug you are."


"From this angle, you're in excellent reach of my fists, buddy."


Julian and his determination to get those needed creativity points continue to fight against the mighty army of apartment easel glitches.


In their free time, the happy couple can usually be found pursuing their favourite pasttimes: alien-hunting and video game torture, respectively.


Rose wants to be a Professional Party Guest, much to my delight. Slacker has the most entertaining chance cards. :D




"Oh crud. Me? A mother?"
Relax, it's The Sims. Piece of cake. As long as you quit making enemies and raising the rent so you can afford a crib, you'll be fine.


Julian finally masters the creativity skill, which leads to mastery of the culinary skill, which leads to mastery of EVERYTHING!!! Or at least his LTW.


Rose rolled her first friend want! It was for Vera, which makes sense, because the two are pretty similar in their likes of braided hair and beating up Cowboy Bob.


Wow, baked Alaska is not the most appetizing-looking dish before it's finished...


The landlord always invites himself in when there's cake to be had!


Good plan, Jules. Not like there's a perfectly good and empty counter right behind you there...


Whether the cake's been danced over or not, Rose is eating for two...and she's not picky anyway.


I decided Rose needed more friends, and Pinkie turned out to be the only university acquaintance who had positive relationship scores with her, so she got a phone call. Look happier, Rose; Pinkie's the nicest Sim you'll ever meet!




Another apartment party, and Baby Skabadoo decides that's a great time to make an entrance!


It's a boy! Save some face-impalement from Mum's hat, he turned out just fine. The name randomizer spat out Sequoia for him, which is a type of large redwood coniferous tree, for those that didn't know. I have one (that isn't nearly as large as the famous ones) in my front yard, incidentally, and it nearly died this summer because it was so stinkin' hot and dry. But I'm sure this Sequoia will fare much better. :)


Ah yes, Rose will make an amazing parent...

(430).png (432).png(431).png

Lucky Daddy's there to rescue the poor kid from being trampled!


Julian puts little Sequoia safely away in the bedroom, and just in time too, because another fight has broken out. Julian has seen so many fights by now, that he doesn't even blink at poor Bob's eyes being gouged out.


The apartment has been nice, and lots of fun with all those intrusive neighbours, but it's pretty tiny, and nobody wants Sequoia to sleep on the floor permanently. So as soon as the last crop is ready to harvest (somehow surviving the winter and lots of neglect), the Skabadoos pack up their things and move out!


Julian christens the place by kicking over the poor innocent gnome. Julian, you heartless Sim! What did he ever do to you?


"Good point. Sorry, Gnome."
Much better. :)


Now that he's a married man, father, and homeowner, it's time for a new look...and a dad beard. :)


Zion, the least interesting dormie, is the first one to come over and see the new place. He and Julian promptly break out into a close-quarters pillow fight, making it the most violent I've ever seen.








Julian fights dirty! But it seems he's the clear winner. Zion's consolation prize is a couple of black eyes, broken nose, and maybe a damanged windpipe.


Meanwhile, Rose changes out of her cow costume and continues trying to befriend their former neighbour, not that Vera is making it easy.


Rose hasn't had much interaction with her son, so she surprised me by going in to autonomously pick him up. I thought she might be going to change his diaper, but...


...it turns out it's actually Sequoia's birthday!


"All right, Dad, I did the hard work, now you change his diaper. I have...important things to do."


...Yes, very important...


Julian's first post-diaper-changing act is to introduce his son to the potty. Well, after a brief stop by the mirror to give the kid some hair. :)


"Ugh, could that skill bar climb any more slowly?!"


"Hey Julian, wanna train me next?"


"No, seriously. There are certain things university just doesn't cover."


Moving on...here's a look at the kid's stats! I have no idea where that gallon of nice points came from when his father has five and mum has whopping zero. Same goes for the active points. Very mysterious.


My gosh, this kid is adorable. Even cold-hearted Vera can't resist his charms.


And he's going to need all the charms he can get if he keeps this behaviour up...


Ooh, so close! Yep, the plummetting motives are a sure sign: Rose is pregnant again!


There's going to be a lot of Sequoia spam. You have been warned.


Shock! Surprise!


"Dad, are you sure about this?"


"Dad, can we please talk about this first?"


"Relax, kid. Bathtime is fun!"


"No wait, Dad, wait!"


"Dad, I am having serious second thoughts about this!!"


"This is so not cool." :(


Bathtime took a little longer than expected, so Julian has to hoof it to work.


Rose is still Rose, and with pregnancy making her tired all the time, most of the parenting stuff is left up to Julian.


But she does have time for tickles!

A little mother-son bonding time seems a good enough place to end on, yes? Next time stay tuned for Baby #2, more domestic bliss, and even more Sequoia spam! :D Thanks for reading!



( 10 comments — Leave a comment )
Dec. 5th, 2015 11:37 pm (UTC)
I like Rose's new look. I also find it amusing that she became enemies with Cowboy Bob. Maybe because he's got that cowboy look? Sequoia is a little cutie pie. I really like his hair. I'm glad you're still having fun with this. I look forward to more! :)
Dec. 6th, 2015 11:16 pm (UTC)
Heh, I think that's exactly it--cow vs. cowboy. *cue western showdown music*

I'm a fan of Sequoia's hair too! I usually try to be a little more realistic with toddlers--for girls especially, no super long hair, and no half a bottle of hair gel for some of these fancier styles, because seriously, what parent of a toddler has time for that? But I figured considering Julian's hairdo, he probably keeps lots of hair gel backstock, so it's okay to share with his son. :P (Probably overthinking this whole hairdo thing...)

Thanks for the comment, Anne! :)
Dec. 6th, 2015 12:25 am (UTC)
Oh, come on! As if you didn't expect Rose to "earn" higher rent and generally be a force for chaos. ;)

*dies over the guy in the Santa suit at the wedding*

I'm kinda bummed that they've moved out of Party Central and into a Real Grown-Up house...but if the wacky kids keep dropping by, perhaps it won't be all that different...

Sequoia is very cute. (And it's a nice name, too.) Regarding his personality...Well! Looks like he'll be running around like a lunatic playfully making an unholy mess, but he'll be really NICE and shyly POLITE about it. Must be a Canadian child... (Kidding! Kidding! :) Although...you know...Julian IS wearing plaid now... *ducks from thrown bricks*)

But seriously, I've always had a sneaking suspicion that mascots have a different "genetic personality" than the personality points they show. I never remember to look at it in SimPE to see if I'm right, though. But if I am right, that's probably where his surprising personality came from.

"No, seriously. There are certain things university just doesn't cover."

*dies again*

(And as a side note, I've always had issues with the preparation of Baked Alaska in the game. That is SO not how you do it. *laugh* All that would be is a puddle of melted ice cream... But I'm probably the only one who quibbles about this sort of thing...)
Dec. 6th, 2015 11:25 pm (UTC)
Well, I was hoping she'd wait a little longer than 5 minutes after moving in before causing trouble... I should have known better, you're right.

Heh, Santa wannabe is actually the landlord. Keeping it classy as usual!

Yeah, I was enjoy the a-party-ment (grooooan) too, but there just wasn't the space. Plus I had built that house a while ago for Julian and didn't want to waste it. But I've been good about inviting people over to it regularly, keeping the fun alive. :)

Hey, if we're going for clichés here, an American calling Canadians slobs is pretty rich. :P

You got me curious about genetic personalities, so I had a peek in SimPE and you're right! Rose is genetically 5/2/4/10/4, which still doesn't explain the extreme sloppy niceness, but I've found personalities seem to have some slightly random factor to them too. Which is definitely not a bad thing.
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 6th, 2015 11:29 pm (UTC)
Rose is definitely not the motherly type, but she gets much better, I promise. Maybe she's just not into babies so much. :) I love your description of Sequoia--squishy is just right for those adorably chubby cheeks! I feel like a proud grandmother showing off all the pictures stuffed in my wallet. :P But he's too cute to resist!
Dec. 6th, 2015 01:38 am (UTC)
OH MAI GAWD Sequoia is adorable! And I had no idea that enemy sims could "call in (bad) favors" as well! Learn something new every day lol.

I like Daddy Skabadoo's new look! And those little toddler pajamas on Sequoia are so cute!
Dec. 6th, 2015 11:31 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad I'm not the only one besotted with his cute li'l face! :D

Yeah, I'd never seen the bad favours either, though I suppose I should have expected it, knowing it's possible for a friend to lower the rent for you, and I think I've seen a ticked off Sim make furniture prices at home higher too. Now I'm wondering if there's a bad counterpart to the blind date...that would be entertaining!
Dec. 8th, 2015 05:26 pm (UTC)
Awww, little baby Sequoia is so cute :3 I bet the next kid will be at least as cute as he is! :D
I like Rose, she has an interesting personality XD She might be better with kids when they grow older, and she can teach them how to punch other kids :P
I like their new house! It was time for them to move out from the tiny apartment :)
Dec. 9th, 2015 08:02 pm (UTC)
Hee hee, Rose's personality sure is fun! Sequoia grows up way too nice to punch anybody, but the next little one might take a few lessons from mum! :D
Feb. 1st, 2016 12:55 pm (UTC)
Sequoia has an... interesting personality, this should be fun :D
( 10 comments — Leave a comment )