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Dec. 4th, 2015

Yes sirree, it's Skabadoo time again! :D In case you forgot, last time Julian graduated college...and took about 200 pictures to do so. D: Hopefully the rest of his life will move along at a better pace. (Spoiler: It won't.)

By the way, before we get started, I'm still trying to figure out about how many pictures I post per update, trying to find the happy medium between too long and too short. So far it's been about 100-150 per update, but that's obviously based on only two updates so far, and now this one. Because this is just one family, I'm not sorting pictures by round or anything. I honestly don't have any preferences myself, and it really doesn't matter to me if I post more at a time or less, so if you have any feedback on that, I'm happy to hear it! :)


Okay, now being a college graduate, and with me using the no20handouts mod, Julian doesn't have a lot of money. He did get on the Dean's List a few times, however, so he's got enough to move in to an apartment, provided he gets a job right away. And this being The Sims, he doesn't have to worry about unemployment rates, job experience, etc. Lucky guy...

Anyway, the apartment is the Attractive Abode that came with Ikea Stuff and hides out in the lot bin. It's actually not a bad residential lot as-is, but even so, I completely gutted it to make it into an apartment. :)


"Oh crud, I have to pay rent now!"


Oh no! I thought I'd left you two feuders behind in university!

I have a mod that lets existing townies move in to apartments, but I didn't realize it would work on dormies too. I took it out, hoping I could get some new neighbours, but I guess once moved in, apartment residents don't get replaced. But I didn't want to put up with these two and their constant fighting any more, so I made one of my townies playable and moved her in HB#1's place.


Her name's Vera, if I'm remembering right.


It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's...Superdate! Da da dun dun dun daaaaaaaaaa!!


Yep, Cowboy Bob tried to hook Julian up with his old college prof. Love their expressions here. :P


Ah well. As far as Julian's concerned, a date's a date. And now that he's graduated, he doesn't have to worry about inappropriate teacher-student relations!


Yep, Julian's bestie the Orange Bruiser is one of his apartment neighbours. I'm stoked. :D


With some job hunting, a nice dinner, and a little chat with someone he'll probably never date again, Julian's first day as an adult is chalked up as a success.


After his first day of work (in Show Business, incidentally), Julian has enough money for a new set of clothes, and prepares some more for his dream job in Culinary, hoping an opening for it will show up soon.


Unpacking the date trophies... One didn't travel well. :(


Another day, another job. Having a day off isn't good for his bank account, so he quits and finds a new one immediately.


I guess Julian left his door unlocked, because Cowboy Bob invited himself in and hung out in the kitchen all day.


Then Bruiser came in, and the two had a regular old college party together. Julian came home, and joined right in. It's like his university life never ended. :D


Oh fantastic. This is what I was trying to avoid when I moved Allbee Back out. But it looks like Cowboy Bob was the problem all along.


G'night, Cowboy Bob. Go home and take a chill pill or two.


:o A genie lamp! Yay! I hardly ever notice the gypsy sneaking in to drop it off (apparently she's too sneaky for me most of the time!) but this time...caught in the act! Yes!


I don't want to make like too easy on Julian by letting him wish for wealth, so I'll just put that lamp away for now.


An opening in Culinary finally shows up--hooray! :D


Julian brings home a friend on his first day(242).png(243).png

After Julian shows off his mailbox-impaling moves...


and less than stellar football skills...


Marika hints that she's kind of into him!


That means it's time for another date! (Bruiser approved! :D)


Another day at work...


...another party at Julian's!


Julian came home wanting to make a wish.


"Oh, sorry, genie dude. You took so long getting out of that lamp, I started to get hungry!"


"Now let's see... I'm already working in my dream job, I hear having too much money makes life boring, and I just enjoy the simple pleasures of life anyway... Hmm, seems I'm pretty content as I am. Any suggestions for what to wish for?


"The power to cheat death? That way you could enjoy life's simple pleasures even longer."


"Sounds great!"


"Your wish is my command!"


"Huh. That was kind of anti-climactic."
"Go ahead and test it out if you don't believe it worked, cynic. Cheerio!"


Now that the not-so exciting wish is out of the way, it's time for dinner, followed by...


a dance party, woo!


That meanie repo man may have taken his telescope away in university, but now Julian has a nice big one all to himself. Closet Knowledge that he is...


The Culinary career requires creativity points, but Julian blew all his cash on a shiny new telescope. Fortunately his neighbour just happens to have an easel he can borrow. Vera even gives free tips!


"Nice! A vivid depiction of raw emotion and palpable...je nais ce quoi. Now consider using a bit more blue..."


Exciting apartment party day! :D

The pizza guy spent a good hour completely trolling the landlord. He kept walking around, just refusing to hand over the pizza, while the poor landlord followed after him, sniffing the air hungrily. It was glorious. :P


"All right, old man. Here (finally) is your pizza. Don't forget a nice, big tip!"


"Wow, it's even still warm...somehow..."


Seeing as the party is always on at Julian's anyway, the pizza got moved inside. And, when Jules returned from work, the miracle pizza was still warm, and the party still going strong.


Julian tests out his new toy (that he's had for a while now, but never bothered playing with until now).


"Eek, it's coming straight for me! Abort! Abort! Abandon ship!"


"Phew! That was a close one!"

Okay, enough playing around. Let's do something productive on your day off instead. Like...throw a college party! :D It's a reUNIon. :P


Hmm, maybe inviting the cow was not the smartest idea...


Scratch that, inviting Cowboy Bob to anything seems to be a bad idea. Too bad he lives just upstairs and isn't easily gotten rid of.


After reconnecting with Rose the cow mascot, Julian immediately decides he wants to date her too! So right after work, he meets her for karaoke.


Ha ha, I love the placement of those lips!


Wow, other than extremely painful-looking makeout sessions, Julian and Rose are hitting it off really well. I guess it helps when he was the only person who was actually nice to her in university. (Not that she did much to encourage much friendliness from anyone, of course.)


"What happened to your date?"
"Oh, he just needed a shower."


*cheerful whistling*


While Rose has her turn the bathroom, Julian runs into his previous date, Marika. The two have a delightfully awkward conversation about the weather. :P


"Holy Cow." Heh.


The date with Rose bumped up all Julian's motives enough that he was happy to stick around for a while, fulfilling some dinky Pleasure wants.


And it's always nice to meet someone new and go on another date!


This is Delphine. She doesn't seem to like anything except big heavy guns and kisses. Unfortunately, her dislike for everything else made it impossible for she and Julian to actually get to the kissing part of their date. Way to go, Delphine.


The date rewards collection is starting to spread. And yep, those are cooking spices in the bedroom. Julian is really in to cooking.


His neighbour has a nicely decorated porch, so it's high time Julian made his nice too! And what better way to spruce up the place than with magically floating homegrown plants, am I right??


Julian has been on lots of first dates, but never shows any interest in a second with anybody. But I want him to eventaully have kids, so it's either pick a girl, any girl, or get nice and cozy with that telescope. Lucky for Julian, he really likes the telescope. :)


This is getting really old, Cowboy Bob...


Julian spends the entire day at Vera's, and she compliments him on finally using the blue paint.


The inevitable first date with Vera... Nothing exciting happens, but she's another mark chalked up to that first date tally that doesn't even matter when it isn't his LTW.


No aliens yet? Well, I'm tired of waiting. You're getting older, and it's high time you settled down. With no girl in particular filling your wants panel, I'm picking one out for you.


Well of course I picked Rose! She's by far the most interesting! :D


Yep, Rose is Romance. I guess that explains why she and Julian get on so well, even though their chemistry is low. And she has way fewer enemies than I'd expected! Though no friends besides Julian, of course...


"All right, honey, you settle right in. See you when I get back from work!"

Such a romantic, our Jules is. :P

All right, Julian's extension of university life has gone on long enough. I'll end it here, and we'll see a big wedding shindig for these two next time! Thanks for reading! :D



( 9 comments — Leave a comment )
Dec. 4th, 2015 09:15 pm (UTC)
OMG, he IS a cow-whisperer. :) Now for the hilarity of seeing her wearing her cow costume for the rest of her life! (At least on community lots, anyway...)And snogging a cow is apparently more hazardous to your health than snogging a llama...

I've got that townies-as-apartment-residents mod, too. (Cyjon's, I think it is?) It always seems to pick dormies over anyone else, at least in my game. :\ But, IMO, that's better than the social townies, which is what you get without the mod in. Happy that Cowboy Bob is there...although I would've kept Allbee Back there, too, because, you know, ship! I would've moved in Bruiser as a roommate, but it looks like he and Cowboy are pretty much his roommates, anyway.

And Julian and his work-outfit flair is pretty...well, something! :D And...how did you end up with anti-grav plants? That's pretty awesome...
Dec. 4th, 2015 09:51 pm (UTC)
I know a lot of people don't like the cow mascots, but I find them so entertaining! And Julian being the first Sim I've ever had to actually get along with them makes me like him even more, so I just had to move her in. :)

Yes, it's a Cyjon mod. I guess I didn't notice dormie preference because I don't usually add universities right away. I kind of like the social townies though, with their secret gang signals and wacky outfits. :P

Floaty plants happen when you put a garden on a foundation, which requires the moveobjects cheat, so it's obviously not meant to happen. But in an apartment's tight space, the garden's got to squeeze in somewhere! But everything else works just fine with the plants. They can be watered, weeded, and harvested okey dokey like. They just look a little funny. :)
Dec. 5th, 2015 11:31 pm (UTC)
Oh, I love cow-mascots-as-playables. They have such delightfully-extreme personalities, all outgoing and mean and nothing else. Mean+Outgoing is my favorite combination and they're the ultimate in that. But then, I'm probably in the minority there... (I suspect Allbee's one, too, though? She seems the type...)

Ahhh, I have never tried gardening on a foundation, even though moveobjects is always on in my game via the user startup thingy. I never thought to even try it, just figured that it wouldn't be possible to put the plots down. So, I just use Honeywell's garden containers instead. (They're especially useful for growing marijuana indoors, too. *cough* )I will have to try it one day, just for the lulz. It's like the ultimate in hydroponics or something. :)
Dec. 6th, 2015 10:53 pm (UTC)
Ah yes, the Honeywell planters probably make a lot more sense. I should stick those back in my game. So handy...I can't remember why I pulled them. Probably I pulled everything and forgot to put them back in when I reorganized.

Mean + Outgoing is always a blast, and Rose is certainly not letting me down on that front! :D Even if I complain about it, it's an affectionate complaining. :)
Dec. 4th, 2015 09:34 pm (UTC)
Hahahaha! I loved it!! From Cowboy Bob to the Cow date (and cow engagement, lol!) This is great!

What mod is it that allows existing Townies to move into apartments? I would love that mod. It always seemed odd to me that we got new "apartment Townies" when our towns already had Townies in need of homes!

I'm excited to see what Rose actually looks like under that cow head! Unless... maybe that is her ACTUAL head? O_O

Really enjoyed this!
Dec. 4th, 2015 09:59 pm (UTC)
That's a Cyjon mod (drupal.cyjon.net). I'd give a specific link, but the website is giving me errors right now. I find sometimes it does that, and then works the next day or so, but if it doesn't behave itself for you after a while, I'll see about reuploading it for you. I can't remember the specific mod name off the top of my head, but it's something about apartment residents and townies. Cyjon's names are good and descriptive. :)

Ha ha, I only just made the connection between Cowboy Bob and the cow...of course that would explain a rivalry! :P With every other one of Bob's enemies...not so much though.

Whoops, didn't mean to keep you in suspense with Rose's face! (Okay, maybe a little...) She took off the cow head back in college when she decided to temporarily move in. Nothing too exciting...not as say, an actual cow head. Boy that'd make for some interesting genetics!

Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one enjoying this crazy household. :)
Dec. 8th, 2015 04:50 pm (UTC)
Heh, Julian finished university, but he still lives like a college student :D
I laughed at the cow mascot date, and the pizza guy XD Your game always makes funny moments :D
I've never seen floating plants, but they look so magical XD
Dec. 9th, 2015 08:05 pm (UTC)
Ha ha, yes, my game does have a sense of humour sometimes! I love it when those goofy moments happen, and I'm trying to do a few more things that I've never tried before, or haven't done much with, like dating the cow mascot, or going on group outings, and it's lots of fun to see these sort of new things. I have done floating plants before...but they still entertain me with their magical floatyness. :D Thank you for your nice comments! :)
Feb. 1st, 2016 12:16 pm (UTC)
He did surprise, excellent choice of a bride! :D

About Cyjon's mod, I also use the other one, Random Townie Apartment, otherwise it just summons townies/dormies according to their instance number, aka dormies first most of the time.

I back up, move my playable in, save immediately, then I see who comes for the next flat and I save if they're OK, or exit to neighbourhood and reload if it was someone I don't want as tenant (dormies, or newly generated social group freak).
( 9 comments — Leave a comment )